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Start With A Finish.


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Great goals and ideas are just that—goals and ideas—until they’re accomplished. Until you cross the finish line, you’re just racing. Nimbold exists to take your ambitions and turn them into accomplishments. 

Our motto is “start with a finish.” That means that we begin every project by clearly defining the end goal. We also believe that the shortest distance between an idea and its completion is a well-crafted strategy. Once the destination is clear, we then create a plan to ensure that every single action taken is an action towards achieving your goal. There are no superfluous tasks, trials, or talks. We live and breathe maximizing efficiency and minimizing time and cost. 

If you’re lacking a clearly-defined goal, we can help you uncover it. If you’re searching for a way to make progress towards that goal, we can be your catalyst. If you want to up your game and learn how to define goals and complete complex projects like a pro, we can be your guide. 


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 The 3 arms of Nimbold

We have three tracks
to help get you where you need to be:

Agile Training

We’ll share with you our proven methods for wrangling a project, defining its deliverables, and making daily progress to completion. You can then take these principles and put them into action immediately to achieve your desired results. 

Guidance And Mentoring

We’ll show you how to implement our methods and walk alongside you as you accomplish your goal. From setting the destination to course-correcting along the way, we’re here to coach you into becoming a project owner that gets results, fast. 

Project Development

When you need to bring in the heavy hitters to win the game, we’re here to assess, develop and complete your project, including finding and supplying resources and equipment to get the job done. 


Optimism is an essential ingredient of innovation. How else can the individual welcome change over security, adventure over staying in safe places?
— Robert Noyce


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